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The Piano Journey


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16 horas en total

Lo que aprenderás:

✓ Progressive Keyboard Mastery with a dynamic and unique way of learning
✓ Effective Teaching Techniques and Tricks designed through many years of teaching experience
✓ Emotional Expression through Piano Technique
✓ Classical, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Film soundtracks, etc...
✓ Everything You Need to Be a Pianist


Nota importante:

Comprando el curso desde el enlace de esta página permites al instructor llevarse un porcentaje de venta muy superior al percibido si lo compras directamente desde Udemy sin pasar por este enlace. El precio del curso será el mismo en ambos casos.


• NO prior musical or piano knowledge required
• Access to a piano or keyboard is ESSENTIAL to practice the course lessons


Embark on a piano adventure suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced players. Our carefully crafted course offers over 200 video lessons, innovative teaching methods, and a progression from basics to advanced pieces.

We prioritize top-notch audio and video quality, ensuring a seamless learning experience. From choosing the right piano to mastering various techniques, including classical and contemporary genres, this course covers it all.

Join us in learning to play the piano with dynamic and well-organized lessons. Discover the joy of expressing emotions through piano techniques and unlock the secrets behind sheet music.

You will learn piano using the best teaching systems and tricks designed by us. You will accompany a professional voice in real-time, starting from acapellas of famous songs, with a comprehensive guide to take you from beginner to advanced in the shortest time possible.

Crafted from years of teaching experience with students of diverse ages and skill levels, this course is a culmination of insights gathered from addressing various needs and providing solutions to the challenges encountered along the way.

This course is your gateway to a musical journey from the comfort of your home. No need to worry about online chaos; we've streamlined the path for you.

We know that your time is VERY valuable, and that is why this course is designed from start to finish to maximize your learning and ensure you get the best out of every minute invested. Because every moment counts in your musical journey with us!

Join us, and let's start The Piano Journey!

¿Para quién es este curso?:

• Aspiring pianists of All Levels
• For Beginners and Skill Refiners

Tu Instructor

Alberto Martinez y Rober Chordson

Como profesor, cuenta con una experiencia que se extiende 23 años. Así, ha impartido clases de piano, teoría, lenguaje musical, armonía y análisis de partituras, en diversos conservatorios, institutos de enseñanza secundaria, así como también en academias y escuelas de música.

Alberto Martinez y Rober Chordson
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